On this page, you'll find some resources for Chinese language teachers.

Interpersonal Communication Rubric

Interpersonal Communication Self-Evaluation Form

In-Class Participation Evaluation Forms (2017)

Student Inventory

Can-Do Self-Assessment

Interview Questions

Story Board

Clock Partners

Do Now & Exit Tickets

Free Write Templates

Posters of "What Do We Do Today?"

Posters of "How Do You Feel Today?"

Posters of "Everyday Expression in the Chinese Classroom"

Classroom Rules Posters

What-to-do Commands in Writing

Chinese Cognates

Chinese Radical Poster (2017)

Chinese Word Order Poster (2017)

Country Posters (2017)

Class Job Posters (2017)

Color Poster (2017)

Directions Poster (2016)

Expressing Opinions Poster (2017)

Feelings & Moods Poster (2017)

Food Poster (2017)

Frequency Poster (2017)

Manners (Adverbs) Poster (2017)

Numbers Poster (2017)

Places Poster (2017)

Project Rubrics & More

Pronouns Poster (2017)

Question Words Poster (2017)

Rejoinder Poster (2017)

Speak Chinese Only Sign (2017)

Sport Poster (2017)

Sweet 16 Verbs (2017)

Transition Words Poster (2017)

Welcome Poster (2017)

Numbers, Date, & Time

Common Transition Words:

Teacher Planning Tools:

繁體字和簡體字對照各式海報 (2017)